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Frenzelit covers the complete spectrum of high temperature sealing and insulation products.

Our Novatec product family of compressed graphite, reinforced with Kevlar® and blended with nitrile butadiene rubber, has allowed us to gain significant market exposure. In addition, FSS also offers the traditional compressed nonasbestos sheet products and thermal insulation materials, including millboard and heat shield paper products. Add to this mix various products representing the glass filled PTFE product sector and you will find an innovative, creative supplier that can address the industrial needs for both today and tomorrow.

Novapress products are high density, high pressure gasket materials made by Frenzelit using a multiple roll calendaring process. The balanced raw material combination of high quality aramid fibers, special fillers and NBR gives Novapress products the following special properties.
Novapress Basic
  • Good media resistance
  • Good stress relaxation
  • High pressure resistance
  • Excellent value for money
Novapress Universal
  • Superior oil resistance
  • Minimum swelling in oils and fuels
  • Ideal adaptability
  • Lowest gas leakage at minimum surface pressure
Novapress Flexible / 815
  • Good media resistance
  • Good stress relaxation
  • High pressure resistance
  • Excellent value for money
Novapress Multi II and Multi EG
  • Graphite structure gives the material unique flexibility
  • Excellent safety reserves under changing loads
  • Gas tightness as specified in the standard
  • Excellent stress relaxation
  • High adaptability

Novatec gaskets combine the positive properties of graphite and Kevlar®. The material owes its excellent resistance to temperature and media to the high percentage of graphite and its high tensile strength to the Kevlar® fiber used.
Novatec 825F (Cranberry)
  • Highly compressible, highly conformable and moderate density
  • High resistance to temperature and media
  • High compression allows for outstanding conformability, adaptability and flexibility
Novatec 925F (Grape)
  • Medium density product
  • Provides desired balance of elevated temperature resistance and chemical compatibility
  • Low compression and high recovery percentage allows for accurate tolerance control
Novatec Premium II (Royal Blue)
  • Remarkable resistance to media and temperature, due to high percentage of graphite used
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Great torque retention and superior sealability
  • Stress relaxation exceeds the values of all conventional materials
Novatec FRG/STL
  • Combination of aramid fiber, graphite and perforated steel
  • Addresses the requirements of cylinder head and exhaust gaskets, as well as demanding industrial applications
Novatec HPN
  • Great resistance to temperature and media
  • Good adaptability to flange irregularities
  • Excellent features in cutting and handling

Novaphit SSTC consists of highquality, expanded graphite and an expanded metal insert made of acidproof stainless steel 1.4404. Gaskets with an extremely high loading capacity result from the special manufacturing process.
  • Unique material profile for maximum safety
  • For thermal and mechanical loads
  • Excellent workability
  • Unique media resistance
Novaflon 100, 200, 300 and 500 make up the family of Frenzelit’s latest product range of modified PTFE materials. All purpose use in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper and food industries.
Isoplan grades have a well-balanced density and are suitable for both high temperature insulation and sealing against inert gases up to an internal pressure of 3 bar (50 PSI).
Isoplan 750
Suggested for use up
to 750°C (1500°F)
Isoplan 1100
Suggested for use up
to 1100°C (2200°F)

Novaplan products address the sealing needs of automotive, air cooled engines and moderate duty industrial applications. Frenzelit uses the beater addition method to produce these homogenous products in roll form in a variety of gauges.
  • Facing material for cylinder head gaskets for all types of engines
  • Insulation materials for thermal reduction and acoustic absorption
  • Gasket materials for all applications in engine and gearbox, as well as exhaust systems
Novaplan 70 is a medium density, NBR blended gasket material reinforced with natural fibers. The result is an economic, conformable gasket material with good sealability characteristics.
N-5408 is a gasket material composed of multiple fiber types blended with multiple elastomers, which address the industrial and transportation markets‘ need for a universal conformable product. The final result is a high performance sealing solution that is used in a wide range of applications.
N-7729 offers excellent torque retention, resistance to extrusion and superior sealability. It is the economic solution to a myriad of demanding applications due to the combination of nitrile rubber and Kevlar® fiber. N-7729 is perfect for use in flanges that require a soft, conformable gasket material and where the typical application environment includes elevated temperatures and significant loading.

Novaform SK material uses a heavy-duty galvanized steel wire woven with a zigzag construction as a base, onto which a proprietary mixture of inorganic fillers, aramid fibers and NBR rubber are pressed and cured.
Novaform 210
  • Universally acceptable soft gasket material for standard applications
  • Main components are high quality fillers and organic fibers bound with vulcanized NBR
Novaform GBS
  • Uses a metallic core as a base with elastomeric coating on one or both sides
  • Permanently tight joints even with low bolt loads or unfavorable thermal and mechanical conditions
  • Used for transmissions, pumps, valves, compressors, hydraulics and in automotive engineering
AP Gasket
AP Gasket
AP Gasket
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